completion of at least 120 credits of college-level work approved by the college; completion of the colleges General Education requirements (see page 42);**. See Spring 2023 Office Hours for more information. Friday, May 12. Seminar in Spanish Language and Linguistics, Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature in Translation, Hispanic-Jewish Literature in Translation, COPT - QNSLIT (QC Literature), WRIC - WRIC (Writing Intensive), Hispanic Literature and Culture in the United States. Nursing (AAS) - Dual/Joint with School of Professional Studies. Note that classes will be added over time. By doing so, the student is assigned an advisor and is eligible for departmental services such as preregistration. Sessions/Hours: 41 sessions / 160 hours. In the meantime, and in particular, you may appeal to have an advanced language class (numbered 300 or higher) used to satisfy the Language requirement. At least one writing-intensive unit must be taken in residence at Queens College. VIDEO: Languages and Cultures Faculty of Arts and Science. At most, one writing-intensive unit will be granted for any student, but only if the institution at which the course was taken has a writing-intensive program similar to that at Queens College and the course is specified in the institutions bulletin as writing intensive. Mathematics and Joint Schools. Informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), QGS is a mix of courses, workshops, retreats, cultural events and lectures based on issues of global significance, from gender equality to sustainable communities and more. Assessments include module quizzes and task completion. Linguistics is a scientific study of a language that explores the structure of language and how it is acquired. Our courses foster critical thinking in our students that they apply to civilizations they study. Queens College 65-30 Kissena Blvd, Flushing NY 11367, Office of Special Services for Students with Disabilities, Classical, Middle Eastern, and Asian Languages and Cultures, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Asian American & Asian Research Institute, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, Barry Commoner Center for Health and the Environment, Center for Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies, Center for Career Engagement and Internships, Center for Ethnic, Racial and Religous Understanding, Office of Student Development and Leadership, Center for Career Engagement and Internship, Asian and Asian American Research Intitute, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Arts Leadership Boot Camp Student Application. European Languages & Literature Department Courses | Queens College Catalog. Chemistry (AS) - Dual/Joint with York. *Students majoring in Elementary & Early Childhood Education should consult the departments section in this Bulletin for special curriculum requirements. Candidates are encouraged to file their applications when they register for their last semester. Duolingo English Test. All students are required to take the CUNY Assessment Tests prior to their first registration in the college, unless they have been certified in basic college- readiness skills by appropriate Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), ACT, or NY State Regents scores. Our graduates are trained to think critically and explore the diverse cultures of Queens County as well as those of the world beyond. Free weekly drop-in session with a native English speaker. A major is a concentration of study in a department or allied departments. Multilingualism in the United States. Similarly, students who are admitted with more than 60 credits and who have not completed the equivalent of ENGL 110, must do so within their first two semesters at Queens. Reading Day. The Department of English administers the Writing Center (Kiely Hall 229; 718-997-5676), which provides tutoring support for writing courses, and the Department of Mathematics coordinates the Math Lab (Kiely Hall 331; 718-997-5859), which offers tutoring and other support services in mathematics. The Department of French Studies offers undergraduate students interested in pursuing the subject in-depth the chance to study French as either a minor, a medial, or a major. Tuition: $1695.00 USD. We offer 200+ degree options across all fields of study. E-mail:, Marci Goodman If general degree requirements are changed following matriculation, the student is given the option of satisfying the original requirements or new requirements. Pursuant to a 1999 CUNY Board of Trustees resolution, effective January 2000, Queens College stopped offering remedial courses and required students to pass all parts of the CUNY Assessment Test (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) as a condition of enrolling and/or transferring into its baccalaureate degree programs. Ontario Universities International Programs help Queen's students engage with a range of language and research opportunities in France and Germany in the Summer. College Core (4 courses*) Literature (LIT) Language (LANG) Science (SCI) One additional course selected . All students are required to take the College-Level Math (Math 6) Placement Exam. Education (AA) - Dual/Joint with Queens. Apply Now (Students who will complete their degree requirements in September but wish to participate in the Spring Commencement ceremony are permitted to do so and should file their graduation applications on or before April 1.). Students should contact the appropriate advisor listed below for language placement. Major Maps: Advice on academics, extracurriculars, networking, international opportunities and career development specific to your major. Minimum score 110. Its primary goals are to improve the academic achievement of high school students and to ensure that graduating students are ready to do college-level work. Candidates submit the graduation application via CUNYfirst. English and Modern Languages. Please call or email the department to schedule an appointment. The Academic Support Center also coordinates the Academic Support Lab (Kiely Hall 131; 718-997-5677), which provides tutoring and other support services in reading, study skills, and a variety of academic courses. Flexible Core - Scientific World. When you finish the course, you will receive a digital badge of completion. Academic enrichment classes designed to strengthen students performance on Regents exams and increase their awareness of and preparedness for college requirements. The second baccalaureate degree will be in a field of study different from the major of the students first degree. Some majors have additional residency requirements. Honors in the Humanities. Further details on departmental and area studies majors can be found in this Bulletin and in handbooks available in department and program offices. The Queens University Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS) is a unique opportunity forhigh school studentstoapply for entry to medical school after only two years of undergraduate study in the Arts, Science, Computing Science, Life Sciences or Health Science in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Computer Science and Information Security (AS) - Dual/Joint with John Jay. English and Joint Schools. Queen's offers the International Studies Certificate option to all Queens University undergraduate students regardless of their degree concentration. Bader College (Queen's University, Canada) is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment that is fair, positive, and supportive for all members of our community. The credits are transferable to any CUNY, SUNY or private college. Students who have earned a bachelors degree from an institution that is accredited and recognized by a regional accrediting U.S. agency, who transfer to a CUNY baccalaureate college, will be deemed automatically to have fulfilled all the general education requirements. **Transfer students with an AA or AS in liberal arts and sciences from a CUNY college are considered to have fulfilled the lower-level General Education requirements. The Academic Support Center administers programs in academic skills development, provides tutoring services, and operates the Testing Center. Programs range across disciplines, including education, law, business, medicine, and industrial relations. Be aware of punctuation and capitalization. If their scores warrant admission to Queens College (a minimum of 500 on the TOEFL and at least 50 on each part), they will be tested and placed into CESL or other English courses based on their performance on the Reading and Writing portions of the Assessment Test. Students will have the opportunity to expand and improve all language skills in academic contexts that relate to their interests. English for Beginners is a 6-week elementary ESL course, corresponding to level A2 on the CEFR scale. Such courses are called electives and do not require faculty approval; however, depending on the course, students may need to have department permission or have taken prerequisite courses. We offer a suite of financial supports to help you succeed. Students are retested at the end of the courses. For details, please speak to the relevant . History. Outside of traditional exchange programs, there are faculty-led programs and field courses (hosted within departments like Art History, Biology, Classics, Global Development Studies, and more). Faculty of Education Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. Intermediate Spanish I. Tuesday, May 16. A graduation application should be filed as long as there is a reasonable certainty that all degree requirements will be satisfied by the end of the semester preceding the graduation date. COPT - QNSLANG (QC Language), COPT - QNSSCI (QC Science), Flexible Core - US Experience in its Diversity, Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics for the Study of Typical and Atypical Language, Linguistics & Communication Disorders Writing Workshop, Anatomy and Physiology for Speech and Language, Methods and Materials of TESOL: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Quantitative Methods in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Literacy and Language Arts in Multicultural Populations, Language and Communication in the School-Aged Child, Linguistic Field Methods and Endangered Languages, Methods and Materials of TESOL: The Content Areas, Certification and Professionalization Workshop in TESOL, Introduction to the Education of Multilingual Learners, Research Design and Methods in Linguistics., Cristina Teran Canada. 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